January 29, 2024

Online Event

EUNITE! EU Citizens Unite and Promote the European Project

Are you an EU citizen and an English speaker? Would you like to meet other European citizens to discuss and learn more about European institutions, citizenship, participative democracy, EU elections?

You have the chance to do this by taking part in the online event Citizen Open Lab – Activism & Participation, where the topics covered will be addressed according to the open debate formula and working tables to put forward proposals to the attention of European parliamentary representatives.

The Next EU elections in 2024 will be an important juncture to evaluate the active participation of European citizens, especially due to the recent wave of populist movements calling for greater national autonomy, often basing their communication on disinformation tools. Indeed, although the majority of citizens of the Member States are in favor of the EU, the current political context has led to growing extremism with examples of political polarization and manifestations of anti-European sentiment.

The EUNITE! EU Citizens Unite and Promote the European Project general objective is therefore to increase the participation of European citizens in the European Parliament elections, to increase their general interest in EU policies, to increase their critical sense in reading information and using the media, through participation in workshops, debates and meetings that promote, encourage and support participatory democracy and civic engagement of European civil society at local, national and transnational levels.

Join the online event
Citizen Open Lab – Activism & Participation
Thursday February 15th and Friday February 16th, 2024 
from 3pm to 6pm
by Zoom platform

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