The project

The EUNITE! EU Citizens Unite and Promote the European Project, aims to encourage the political participation of European citizens, providing them with greater knowledge and awareness about the structure and functioning of the European Union and the opportunities it offers to its citizens.

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Citizen Open Lab – Activism & Participation


Thursday February 15th and Friday February 16th, 2024
from 3pm to 6pm
by Zoom platform


To enhance knowledge of EU citizens

To enhance knowledge of EU citizens with diverse backgrounds and of diverse age, including those of underrepresented categories (women/people with disabilities/minorities) about EU institutions, EU parliament elections and opportunities;

To increase citizens’ knowledge

To increase citizens’ knowledge on media/information and enhance their critical thinking skills, enabling them to deliberate on current political issues;

To facilitate a European exchange

To facilitate a European exchange among citizens and provide citizens thus with concrete opportunities for living the EU integration project;

To foster active civic participation

To foster active civic participation at local/EU level and encourage voter participation at EU elections in 2024.

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Through training events organized in Italy, Belgium, Croatia, France and Greece aimed at young people and adults, EUNITE will prepare around 400 citizens for the 2024 European elections, also providing them with analytical and critical tools to understand the political dynamics and participatory democracy, inclusive processes and opportunities for European citizens.


Infopack on EU institutions and opportunities

Infopack on (mis/dis)information

EUNITE Citizens’ Policy Proposals

Document with recommendations, opinions and ideas that citizens will share with MEPs